People will tell you they hate advertising. We couldn’t agree more. Because if all you’re doing is “advertising” your business to someone, you’re basically just talking to yourself. Society has become too cynical to hear sales pitches. Today’s consumers need to be engaged, intrigued and encouraged to take action. It needs to be about them. Not you.

Luckily, there are so many more ways to engage consumers today. We’ve expanded beyond TV, radio, print and outdoor to things like social media advertising, digital video and innovative new online banners that appear to know each consumer by name and shopping habits.

Once we find them, we talk to them, not at them. We educate them with surprising content. We appeal to them with creative design that is contemporary and relevant. We make them laugh, and when appropriate, move them to tears. Because when your brand is relevant to their needs, beliefs and attitudes, there’s no need to intrude. They’ll invite you into their homes and their lives.

Because while we may be a Baltimore advertising agency, the last thing we want to be accused of is simply “advertising.”